More Atheist Thoughts

Yesterday I posted my suggestion for an atheists crest.  Today I have a good quote that I think every atheist should memorize to use whenever someone asks them why they don’t believe in god.

“I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”  …Stephen F Roberts

Of course, feel free to paraphrase so that it flows naturally for you.


3 thoughts on “More Atheist Thoughts

  1. Can’t we find a better word than “atheist”? It is so negative. The none theist have so much more to offer cultures and peoples. I like the idea of “post religion” or beyond the fables, etc. Atheist have great insights and the word “atheist” just doesn’t do it justice. Help me out here.

    • Secular humanist is a good one, but one that usually requires a fairly lengthy explanation. Plus, you can be a secular humanist without being an atheist. You could, for example, be a agnostic or a deist. I think atheist works well, it is just a matter of changing the perception of what an atheist is.

    • Well, hmmm. There are different words/titles that mean essentially the same thing. Some people prefer “Bright”, others “Secular Humanist”…

      I had joked once that I could be more accurately described as an apostate…which IS technically true. I had even played on some Latin to come up with a description of that (can’t remember anymore what the word was)…but truly, apostate is FAR MORE negative than “atheist”. The only people who generally ascribe negative connotations to the word atheist tend to be believers of *some* sort. I don’t usually dive right in with my nonbelief when first meeting someone (though there are occasions that has happened, and they were situation-specific); usually, I let a person get to know me first…so that when my atheism surfaces, I have had an opportunity to live by example and demonstrate what atheism is, as opposed to the typically-attached stereotype. 🙂 The word is neutral, in and of itself.

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