Made With Science!



Look around you.  If you are reading this then you are most likely surrounded by things that science make possible.   When you read about people who are anti-science and who seek to replace science with their fantasies of religion, think about all the things that make your life easier and richer than you would not have without science.  I’m not just talking about iPhones and the Internet, or big screen TVs or even cars.  Think about running water; clean running water.  Think about electricity.  How about the fact that most children in western societies regularly survive to adulthood?  All these things can be attributed to science. If the religious right (you can’t call them radical anymore as they now make up the mainstream of the GOP) gets their way and vastly useful and proven scientific theories such as evolution, plate tectonics, and germ theory are suppressed in our educational systems and research funding, it can only bode ill for our modern way of life.  If they get their way, you will need to move to Canada, Europe or Asia to have the same quality of life you have now.

So next time you hear someone going on about cutting science funding or trying to get intelligent design (creationism) into science classes in public schools look around and remember that much of what you see was made with science.


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