More Cool Science and Skeptical Images

Here are some more cool science and non-theist images for your enjoyment!

They make as much sense as the Christian trinity.


It is just as plausible as the Christian version.


by ScaredCandybar

Science rocks!

Back Off Science by BWS

by BWS

The man who showed the world that science can be exciting and beautiful.


by ArtemisiaSynchroma

Probably the most influential scientist since Newton.  Evolution baby!


by ArtemisiaSynchroma

His work greatly influence Darwin.  He is the forgotten hero of evolution.

Alfred Russel Wallace_by_ArtemisiaSynchroma

by ArtemisiaSynchroma


Pass the peas please!  The theory of inheritance derived by his work with peas laid the groundwork for the science of genetics.  I still remember this to this day from high school biology class.

Gregor Mendel by ArtemisiaSynchroma

by ArtemisiaSynchroma


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