Discovery Channel Caves In

PZ Myers has an entry on his blog today about how the Discovery Channel purchased only 6 of the 7 episodes of David Attenborough’s latest, Frozen Planet.  The reason?  Episode 7 deals with global climate change.  Yes, that’s right.  The Discovery Channel that supposedly provides educational programming, has decided to strip off the final episode of this wonderful series because they choose to ignore science and fact.  How is withholding and ignoring information on a critical topic that effects everyone on the planet educating?  That the Discovery Channel chooses to give into ideologically motivated ignorance is infuriating.

I’ve chosen to express my ire to the Discovery Channel at their viewer relations page.  Here is what I had to say:

“I am appalled that the Discovery Channel decided not to show the 7th installment of Frozen Planet.  I thought that Discovery Channel was dedicated to providing quality educational and science programming, instead, I find that it has decided that it would rather cave to the uniformed idea that global climate change is not real and refuse to show the last installment of this series because it deals with the scientific fact.  Shame on the Discovery Channel.”


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