Happy New Year in Hell

Not to be a buzz kill, but here is a very thought provoking article about hell and human decency.

Here is wishing all of you a Happy New Year!  Lets hope we see more tolerance and human decency this coming year.


One thought on “Happy New Year in Hell

  1. This article’s premise that bad people go to hell because of their bad deeds shows total ignorance on this subject. it is so amazing that such ignorance is propagated so quickly to the even more ignorant sponges that believe every lie that come down the pike.
    Hell is not a place where people go based on their bad deeds nor is heaven a place people go based on their good deeds.

    There was an outbreak of cholera is New Guinea as few years back. Everyone who contacted the disease was going to die. They had a disease! The only way not to die was to take a certain medication, or cure.
    Thoswe who took the cure lived, those who did not take the cure died. They did not die BECAUSE they did not take the cure, rather they were going to die anyway. The CURE was not to blame.
    Yoou do not go to hell because of your bad deeds. You go to hell because we have a sinful nature. We have an incurable disease called sin that will kill us. The only antidote, the only cure for this disease is Jesus. he is the solution, if you take him you will live, if you don’t you will die. (not because you are good or bad, but because you take him) (chlera did not choose to kill bad folks only)

    Did Ghandi go to hell? I cannot say, I do not have that information. I can assure you this He had the same condition of a sinful nature that we all have. He had the same opportunity for a cure (He READ the Bible) Whether he took the cure or not I do not know.
    As Well, the Bible tells us God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy on. in other words it is none of our business

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