Christianity, The Religion of Hate

One Man’s Blog posted about  a Fox News story describing a lawsuit to prevent a cross from being erected within the World Trade Center memorial without equal opportunity for memorials of other faiths.  The comments on the Fox News site afterwards were filled with hate against atheists with the wish to kill all atheists, along with rape and other violence.

My favorite (if you can call it that) comment came from Sindy Clock who wrote,

“I love Jesus, and the cross and if you don’t, I hope someone rapes you.”

I’ve read the Bible through, several times.  I studied the Bible on my own for years before finally dispensing with religion.  I am pretty sure I never read about Jesus ever telling anyone that if they didn’t believe in him that they should be raped.

Michael Perii had this to say,

“these people are f’ing scum of the earth. can we start killing them now?  few groups fill me with  more hatred than atheists.”

Apparently, Michael seems to have forgotten that passage where Jesus tells his followers that they should love their enemies (granted, we aren’t his enemy, he seems to have made us his).

Hanns Anderson has a, well, interesting take on this:

“atheist has no rights a snail has more rights than a atheist has I say throw them out to the sharks let them eat them like the ate bin laden”

Apparently,  being a Christian doesn’t require learning how to spell, punctuate, or even write at a grade school level.

Finally, Eileen Rourke thinks that atheists,

“…should go live in another country.  You have taken enough of my rights away.”

This last comment is so common among Christians.  Many Christians feel that their rights are being infringed upon because some of us dare to insist on equality, not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

Christians make up more than 70% of the citizens of this country.  It isn’t their rights that are being eroded, it is their privileges.  Being able to put crosses up where ever you want, to expect everyone else to pray to your god, is not a right.  It is a privilege, and one that no one in a free and democratic society should be allowed to have.

These comments are not an aberration.  We see these kind of comments constantly whenever their Christian privileges are questioned.   For a group of people who like to preach about how their Jesus a god of love, they sure love to hate.


One thought on “Christianity, The Religion of Hate

  1. Hello, my name is Remus-Bogdan and I am a Romanian Gypsy living in Montréal.I have to say that I am not shocked at all.The catholic church killed milions of innocent people over the years , they stopped now because the people have acces to wepons easily ,so… they stopped accusing people of blasphemy and burning them on public places.God , the Father has nothing to do with the church or violence , war , money, anyway all catholic priests are gay including the pope he the master of evil on earth.I dont have any problem with gay people , I respect the because they exist and they are human , but if claim to be a priest….Myself I read the bible too , I studied the bible too and it very well written that God is only one and Jesus himself was praying to God the Father of all.The most common praier of all Christian is called :Our Father.Many people now it by heart , but did anyone took the time to analyze what they are asking the father to do for them when they are saying the prayer.Very dissapointing!!!

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