Share And Enjoy!

I was heating something up for breakfast in my microwave this morning.  My microwave is a pretty cool one.  I particularly love the sensor reheat and sensor defrost.  They both do an excellent job at what they are designed to do.   That’s not what I want to write about, though.

I took notice of a feature of my microwave that I’d seen plenty of times before, but never really noticed.  You know; you’ve seen something, like maybe that little chili shop you drive by every day, but never really paid any attention to, until one day, maybe your stuck in traffic right across from it and have time to take a real look at it.  Suddenly you realize that, hey, you’ve driven by this place hundreds of times but never really noticed that it was a chili place.  Of course, after that, you can’t help BUT notice it every time you drive by.

Ok, hopefully you have the idea.  Now back to my microwave.  When my microwave beeped at me, to let me know that my food was done, I was busy and didn’t hear it.  My stepson walked in and asked me if there was something in the microwave.  I said yes.  He said that it was done.  He said that he could tell by the message that was scrolling across the LED display.  I looked over at the microwave and read the message: “ENJOY YOUR MEAL”.  

It struck me as a bit odd that a company that makes microwave oven would bother to take the time to not only think of, but actually make, a microwave that actually wishes you, “BON APPETIT!”.  I couldn’t help think that this might be the first sign of the rise of the Robot Overlords.  At a minimum, it is the eerily reminiscent of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.  After all, their motto is, “Share and Enjoy!”


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