Contemplating Moving This Blog

I’m thinking about moving this blog to my sister blog at tumblr.  The reason is that wordpress, at least the free account, doesn’t let me post embedded images of videos.  Since I’ve been posting a lot more images, this is becoming an issue, at least an issue of ease of use for me.  

I use Mars Edit to compose and post my blog posts.  It works great for just plain text, but if you want to add an image, it gets dicey.  Currently, I have to download the image to my locate computer, import it into iPhoto, share it to flickr, and then use the built-in flicker component in Mars Edit to put it into my post.  Needless to say, this is time consuming and annoying to the point of discouraging me from posting images at all.

Most of the pictures I post are from and it allows you to copy a link to the image for embedding.  In Mars Edit, I can switch to HTML editing and paste the embedded link.  This works great in the preview, but once uploaded to wordpress, it just displays some formatting and the links to the images.

With tumblr, I can take the same post, send it to tumbler and get a post with the images display correctly.

The biggest issues with moving this blog from wordpress to tumblr are migrating all of the previous posts and changing to point to tumble instead of wordpress.  That beast changing the website registration.  I haven’t checked with tumblr yet to see how to set that up.  It’s something that I’m working on.

Now that all this is out of the way, please visit Free Thinking for Dummies at tumblr to see my latest post in which I share some cool images.


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