Follow-up and Apology

I posted the other day about some comments DJ Grothe made about women feeling safe at TAM.  I was dismayed and angry about how his words were perceived as sexist.

I overreacted.  I’ve had a chance to read more from other sides of the issue and I can no longer stand by my condemnation of DJ.  He has done much to help the skeptical community become more inclusive and I was wrong to be so quick to judge him.

I let my emotions get the best of me.  I allowed my bias (the fact that Rebecca was the first one to really inspire me to become a skeptic) to get in the way of clear thinking.  Worst of all, I didn’t do any digging to find out more about all sides of the issue.  I didn’t use reason, but I let emotion guide my writing.  It was a disgraceful performance equal to the sloppy woo ridden drivel that I constantly rail about here.  

To DJ, and to all of my readers, I most sincerely apologize.


5 thoughts on “Follow-up and Apology

  1. Apology accepted!!! We All should follow this honest example. True, much damage is done as a result of what we say and believe in ignorance. However, a true sign of honesty, is when someone will publicly apologize without making any excuse for his action. This was a real and sincere apology and this king should be emulated by everyone when they get themselves in this situation.. And we all do get ourselves in situations… because none of us are perfect, except …

  2. It’s central to critical thinking that you are able to accept new evidence and change your position as needed.

    I would suggest keeping the critical post, but updating it (at the top) with a link to this correction… Otherwise, all those links I saw to it might completely miss this later post with the correction.

  3. Open-mindedness (the kind that allows us to change our minds in the face of new evidence) is the hallmark of good critical thinking and, hence, good skepticism. Sometimes hashing things out by writing can get us to a comfortable place and sometimes sharing it with others and getting more input is necessary, but we can’t get there at all if we are not willing to listen. So, good for you.

    I read the comments after typing the above and notice that Richard Murray said pretty much the same thing. Still, I’ll leave this as is and second his advice to add a link to this on the other post.

  4. Kudos to you and I agree with the other comments as well. One question, what was the new information you got that helped you come to this change? It might be helpful for others to see it. With the way this event has happened, stuff is spread out all over the place.

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