Atheist Images and Something That’s Not

Must see images!


One thought on “Atheist Images and Something That’s Not

  1. Robert Ingersoll, once held a Bible high in his hand and said, “In fifteen years I will have this book in the morgue.” Within twelve years, Ingersoll’s body was in the morgue!

    Voltaire, a French infidel, said: “While it took 12 men to write Christianity up, I will show that it takes but one man to write it down!” Taking his pen, he dipped it into the ink of unbelief and wrote against God. But, the very room in which he made that statement was soon used after his death as a Bible storehouse! The printing press which published Voltaire’s works was later used in Geneva to print Bibles! Voltaire’s house was used by the Geneva Bible Society as a distribution center for Bibles.

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