Is a Name Change in Order?

I’ve come up with a new username for various sites.  Currently my username is jwalker1960, which is pretty mundane.  I’m going with romanticatheist.  Given that, I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog to, you guessed it, “The Romantic Atheist”.

Why?  First, “Freethinking for Dummies” is trite and no longer really reflects what I blog about.  When I started this blog I discussed different issues relating to skepticism in general, but over time I have been writing more about religion and atheism.  

I also happen to be a poet and hopeless romantic.  I truly believe in true love, kindness, peace & harmony, and all that other pit-in-the-sky stuff.  

Unfortunately, there is already a blog of the same name, but is seems to be just photos mostly unrelated in any way to atheism, no real blogging or discussion of issues, so I think I could be justified in using the same name.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Is a Name Change in Order?

  1. Freethinking Romantic…..freethinking poet……..poetic romantic fordummies…..
    romantic poet….. dumb athiest……pie_in_the _sky…..poetic piie in the sky…….
    romantic pie in the sky for dummies. romantic thinking for dummies….
    romantic thinking for poets….. poetic thinking for romantics…pie in the sky thinking..
    the faithful athiest……evolved athiest…..
    a few suggestions

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