Sour Grapes and Secession

There has been talk by radical conservatives after this past election about seceding from the Union. Though most of this is just sour grapes from a mostly white majority who see their 236 years of privilege slipping away as American society becomes more diverse.

These people call themselves patriotic Americans and talk about democracy and liberty, but their words and actions show utter contempt for the true meaning and values of democracy.

In a democracy, at least the American style of democracy, majority rules. These people had no problems accepting that G.W. Bush won a “mandate” by first losing the popular vote, and for his second term, winning the popular vote by a 2.5% margin.

In this past election, president Obama won the popular vote by an almost 4% margin, but conservatives called it a squeaker and certainly not a mandate.

This arrogance, this failure to acknowledge facts, their failure to accept the will of the majority show that they either don’t understand what democracy means, or really don’t believe in it. Either way, they have proven themselves to be unpatriotic.

This anti-democratic, unpatriotic attitude has extended to the refusal of some states to accept and implement the law of the land in the form of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. By doing this, they show utter contempt for democracy and disregard for the welfare of their citizens.

Perhaps the federal government should, since they refuse to act to implement federal law, withhold other federal assistance.

Most of these states are gulf states. What if another category 5 hurricane were to decimate the gulf coast and the federal government gave these states a big “fuck you!” and refused to send in FEMA aid? What if federal funds for road and bridges, education, and other programs were withheld? Perhaps after several years of this, the abused and destitute populations of these states would vote out the cretins who show no regard for their welfare.

Of course, this would never happen because we live in a democracy and the President must consider the welfare of all Americans, even those who disobey and despise him.

Maybe secession would be a good idea after all. We could rid ourselves of states that refuse to follow the law and, as these states’ economies fall into disarray, millions of former Americans would stream north to regain their birthrights to true democracy and liberty, leaving despots to rule over their crumbling oligarchies.

In reality, what hopefully will happen is that the citizens of these states will begin to see that their governments do not represent their best interests and vote them out in 2014.


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