The Next Steps

I haven’t written much here in a long time; just the occasional post.  There are many reasons why, some personal (new marriage, raising three teenagers, work), some creative (not so much writer’s block as writer’s ennui). 

The main thing I’m struggling with now is trying to decide what direction I want to go with my writing.  For most of most of the past three years or so, I’ve focused on mostly skeptical and atheist based topics.  At time as went gone on, I found myself writing more about topics on humanism, especially my support of feminism.

I feel that at this point, as far as this blog is concerned, I want to keep the focus on issues of humanist and social justice, with a concentration on how skepticism can positively inform these issues.

Still, there is another writing endeavor that I’m keen to begin focusing on: science writing. 

I’ve had a passion for science for as long as I can remember.  As a kid, I did chemistry experiments.  As a teen I spent countless nights, often in the freezing cold of New England winters, snow up to my calves, pointing my telescope at the heavens and falling in love with the beauty of the cosmos.  My eighth grade science project was on the Special Theory of Relativity.  A college paper for Writing 101 was on a theory for time travel. 

As I got older, other things crowded out the science and I focused on a search for the meaning of life, flirting with Christianity (I was raised a devout Catholic), Islam, some Eastern mysticism, Edgar Cacye, and a Shirley McLane-ish spiritualism.

Finally, about four years ago I discovered skepticism (Thanks Surly Amy, Rebecca Watson, and Jen McCreight!).  From there, I threw off the chains of superstation and embraced being an atheist.  I began blogging about skepticism and atheism and I went to Skepticon and The American Atheists Convention.

My new found skepticism led to being reacquainted with my passion for science.  I began writing some article focused more on the scientific aspects of skepticism. Some were published on the Swift Blog at the JREF site at   Another was published in Skeptical Inquire Magazine.  I really enjoyed the in-depth research that went along with preparing my articles.  I was (and still am) a stickler for good research and properly attributing sources.

This has lead me to consider working to become a serious science writer.  I feel that I have a writing style that can help explain complicated issues in a way that anyone can understand.  I want to pass on my passion and love of science, and to impress on people the vital importance science plays in our modern lives.

So, I will try to begin to write on the social justice and humanism issues that I feel passionately about, along with some skeptical topics and the occasional ripping of new assholes for religions and those who use it stupidly and dangerously, here on this blog.  My science writing I’ll try shopping around to blogs that specialize is science journalism.

Wish me luck!


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