Comment Policy

I fully support people of all beliefs and persuasions to feel free to express their views here as I believe that open statements and comments, even those that may strongly contradict the views expressed in this blog. In fact, I especially welcome dissenting view as they can lead to thought provoking debates which are vital to open sharing and communication of diverse ideas.

That being said, I do have a few rules that I expect commenters to follow:

– No personal or ad-hominin attacks. While any idea or world view is fair game for discussion and criticism, keep on topic and away from personal attacks. People are more than the ideas they profess or believe in. While their beliefs are open game, they themselves are not. This includes attacks agains individual commenters or myself.

– Foul language is ok, as long as it isn’t excessive.

– No racial slurs or other racially disparaging remarks will be tolerated. This does not mean that we can’t talk about issues of race, lets just keep it civil, rational, and respectful.

– Any comments inciting, promoting, or otherwise approving of violence of any kind against anyone will be immediately deleted. This is a place to share and debate ideas related to freethinking, atheism, humanism, and religion. Keep your hate and bigotry to yourself.

I reserve the right to delete any comments that violate the rules listed above. I also reserve the right to delete comments from, as well as ban, anyone who engages in trolling. This isn’t a place for you to promote your personal agenda. If you have one and want those here to read about it, link to your own blog.


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