It’s Been A Long Time!

I really don’t expect anyone to be reading this. This is something I am doing for myself. It may even be one of the most important things I have ever written. Why, because I haven’t posted anything here just over three years. Why? Depression, new job, depression, marriage, depression. Yeah, that last one, that was the biggie.

I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from depression, bipolar II and anxiety. I’ve talked about how these maladies affect everything I do and experience. I was a pretty avid blogger for about three years, but then mental illness hit hard. I stopped writing this blog because my bipolar II was getting to be just about at its worse and I hadn’t been diagnosed at that time. Fortunately I did get diagnosed and got on the right meds and therapy which finally allowed me to regain some semblance of control over my life.

One of the consequences that comes along with my mental health issues is ADD. This is really more of a byproduct of depression and bipolar than a separate illness. Other things that impact my attention, or perhaps I should say my inattention, are sleep apnea and shift work, both of which I deal with. So all of these things conspired to keep me from blogging when I really did want to, but just couldn’t find the energy or sustained interest to do so.

This affected my blogging at Grounded Parents as well. I just posted my first post there in a year and a half. 

I realize that this post is disjointed and not anywhere near the quality of writing that I am used to producing, but over three years of not writing will do that. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a trek back to blogging and writing, which has always been one of my first and truest loves. 


Sour Grapes and Secession

There has been talk by radical conservatives after this past election about seceding from the Union. Though most of this is just sour grapes from a mostly white majority who see their 236 years of privilege slipping away as American society becomes more diverse.

These people call themselves patriotic Americans and talk about democracy and liberty, but their words and actions show utter contempt for the true meaning and values of democracy.

In a democracy, at least the American style of democracy, majority rules. These people had no problems accepting that G.W. Bush won a “mandate” by first losing the popular vote, and for his second term, winning the popular vote by a 2.5% margin.

In this past election, president Obama won the popular vote by an almost 4% margin, but conservatives called it a squeaker and certainly not a mandate.

This arrogance, this failure to acknowledge facts, their failure to accept the will of the majority show that they either don’t understand what democracy means, or really don’t believe in it. Either way, they have proven themselves to be unpatriotic.

This anti-democratic, unpatriotic attitude has extended to the refusal of some states to accept and implement the law of the land in the form of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. By doing this, they show utter contempt for democracy and disregard for the welfare of their citizens.

Perhaps the federal government should, since they refuse to act to implement federal law, withhold other federal assistance.

Most of these states are gulf states. What if another category 5 hurricane were to decimate the gulf coast and the federal government gave these states a big “fuck you!” and refused to send in FEMA aid? What if federal funds for road and bridges, education, and other programs were withheld? Perhaps after several years of this, the abused and destitute populations of these states would vote out the cretins who show no regard for their welfare.

Of course, this would never happen because we live in a democracy and the President must consider the welfare of all Americans, even those who disobey and despise him.

Maybe secession would be a good idea after all. We could rid ourselves of states that refuse to follow the law and, as these states’ economies fall into disarray, millions of former Americans would stream north to regain their birthrights to true democracy and liberty, leaving despots to rule over their crumbling oligarchies.

In reality, what hopefully will happen is that the citizens of these states will begin to see that their governments do not represent their best interests and vote them out in 2014.

The Tea Party and Fairness (or lack thereof)

Tea Party Republican Congressman John Fleming, speaking about President Obama’s plan to raise taxed on the very rich made a statement in an MSNBC interview. “…by the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 leftover.”  Granted, he was talking about only having $400,000 to reinvest in his businesses, but still, his overall attitude during the interview was one of being completely out of touch with what the average American has to deal with.   I also would say that the interviewer was obviously biased against the Congressman and the statements and conclusions the interviewer drew were soaked in hyperbole.

Despite this, Congressman Fleming’s comments  show just how out of touch with average Americans the Tea Party types are.

Dishonest Repubgelicains Contort The Truth Again

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to an article that describes the latest in a very, very long list of spin, rationalizations, truth contortions, and outright lies that the Repubgelican party is feeding the American Public these days.

It has to do with the Repubgelicans’ claim that Independent Payment Advisory Board, created by the Obama Administration, is a “rationing board” of bureaucrats created by ObamaCare. They claim that:

” The IPAB will be, essentially, the rationing board that will decide who gets what care.” (The Hill,

This is an outright lie.  According to the White House’s own web page about the IPAB:

“IPAB is specifically prohibited by law from recommending any policies that ration care, raise taxes, increase premiums or cost-sharing, restrict benefits or modify who is eligible for Medicare.”  (emphasis mine)

Just to make it clear that the Administration isn’t the one making the decisions here, the White House goes on to say:

Congress then has the power to accept or reject these recommendations. If Congress rejects the recommendations, and Medicare spending exceeds specific targets, Congress must either enact policies that achieve equivalent savings or let the Secretary of Health and Human Services follow IPAB’s recommendations.

So it is congress, not the President, who has the final decision on Medicare spending.  The IPAB is merely an advisory board that makes recommendations to the President and Congress. Their recommendations have no weight of law behind them and only congress can make those recommendations law if they so choose.

This brings us to the really scummy part of the Repubgelicans hypocrisy and douche baggery:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Tuesday that private healthcare plans ration care for profit but that consumers should be free to buy whatever coverage they can afford rather than depend on government rationing.

What the Repubgelicans are saying here is that they are against any kind of rationing of medical care, unless that care is being provided by for-profit medical insurance companies.  That’s right, rationing is good if someone is making money off of denying your life saving care, but evil if no one profits it from it.

The Repubgelicans are liars of the most detestable sort, because they refuse to admit that they support the same ‘rationing” of medical care that the Democrats supposedly do.  The only difference is that they try to justify their stance as being about choice and the all mighty corporate dollar.  “Douche bags” doesn’t even begin to describe these cretins.